BMI Award

SMF Business Model Innovation Award 2014

The SMF Business Model Innovation Award is the first Award in Singapore to recognise outstanding companies that have achieved success in transforming their business models.

The objective of this Award is to inspire the local business community to pursue transformational growth through business model innovation. This Award celebrates innovative growth strategies in today’s fast-changing business landscape and honours companies that have achieved excellence in innovative thinking and implementation in business model change.

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BMI Main & Merit Awardees






BrightLite Systems Pte Ltd

Formed in 2006, BrightLite Systems is a company that focuses on its patented high-power LED design and technology, an innovative design offering in the LED lighting industry today. Proven innovative and effective, BrightLite today serves a wide variety of local and overseas customers. BrightLite Systems innovative products provide lighting product designers with low cost and complete LED solutions which help to shorten the development cycle and time to market for a new lighting product design.


“BrightLite Systems is recognised for its innovative revenue model and customer model, as a result of its breakthrough product innovation in high-power LED design and technology. It has a great vision of helping customers in energy management by creating energy-savings, and this is evidently demonstrated in its strategy of allowing customers’ pay-back as a share of the extensive savings of the electrical bill. BrightLite’s product innovation allows its customers to reduce finished goods inventory by as high as 40%. Its product flexibility (modular systems) also promises the use of localisation parts with great localised value-add and reduces import duties up to 36%.”

“We are honoured to receive the prestigious SMF BMI Award this year. It is a great accomplishment for BrightLite Systems and our Innovative teams. We strongly believe that companies need to look at their business models innovatively as well as product innovations. Winning the SMF BMI Award 2014 is indeed a significant milestone for the company. It is also an affirmation that we are heading in the right direction! We will continue to formulate more business innovation initiatives to create greater value to the company. Thank you again for this honour. ”

Mr Bernard Lim
Managing Director





Concorde Security Pte Ltd

Concorde’s journey started in 2005, when Executive Director Mr Alan Chua who had joined the Security Industry for many years, decided to incorporate the company. With rising demand for good security providers after 911 incident in 2001, Concorde is even more determined to be the leading provider for good security services. Its priority is responsibility, responsiveness, reliability while providing good welfare for its officers. Apart from upholding values such as ethics and professionalism, Concorde also believes in fostering good relationships with its stakeholders, ranging from staff, partners to customers. Today, Concorde serves more than 100 businesses with its security guarding services at many locations in Singapore.


“Concorde is recognised for its bold and disruptive innovation by developing state-of-the-art technologies to provide integrated monitoring of properties, assets and building services systems under the 24/7 surveillance, ensuring complete security and business efficiency. With its breakthrough innovation “Intelligent Facility Sprinter” (IFS), Concorde is in a good position to redefine value for all stakeholders in the security management industry, especially in areas of manpower, where security workers can upgrade their working and living standards, yet with optimum security performance level for customers. The company is also acknowledged for its strategic efforts in spearheading industry change for the security workforce.”

“We are proud to be able to show our customers that they are right to believe in us and in our vision to make Singapore an intelligently live-able, safer global city – a Smart Nation. We would like to thank our customers for their support. Our appreciation also goes to the distinguished judges who recognise our innovative invention and business model.”

Mr Alan Chua
Executive Director


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Consistel Pte Ltd

Incorporated since 2002, Consistel started off as the leading provider of turnkey in-building wireless network services (“IBS”) in Asia, which involves the design, supply, install and commission of telecommunications networks in buildings. The company is seen as a technological innovator with a reputation for solving complex problems through developing proprietary processes and patented solutions for the IBS industry. Consistel developed its enterprise software suite with the aim of revolutionising the IBS processes known as ATRIUM in 2010. The company also took a conscious decision to revolutionise its business by adopting a build, own, operate and lease model for telecommunication networks infrastructure, with its pilot project as the iconic Singapore Sports Hub.


“Consistel is recognised for its breakthrough in business model and technological innovation with its accumulated knowledge and advantage in developing proprietary processes and patented solutions for the in-building wireless network services industry. Its revolutionary revenue model ‘Build, Own, Operate and Lease’ for telecommunication networks infrastructure has effectively allowed the company to move up the value chain to serve a different group of customers. What is also impressive is the company’s demonstration of progressive transformation over time to expand its range of services through the vast accumulated knowledge and experience of their people – from a system integrator to developer of its enterprise software on a SaaS model to revolutionise the in-building processes for local and global customers, and finally followed by the breakthrough ‘Build, Own, Operate and Lease’ model. ”

“We are indeed honoured and pleasantly surprised to have been chosen as one of the award winners for the SMF Business Model Innovation Award by the Singapore Manufacturing Federation. This prestigious award serves not only as a recognition of what we have achieved but also as a motivation for SME’s like us to strive for greater success. Indeed this is a fitting tribute to our staff for their sheer dedication and determination to succeed in a highly competitive landscape. Hence, on behalf of the all the staff, we thank you once again for this award.”

Mr Masoud Bassiri
Chief Executive Officer


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LHT Holdings Limited

Established in 1977, LHT has grown to be a leader in the industry with an annual turnover of more than S$35 million and also one of the largest manufacturing companies of high quality wooden pallets, boxes and crates in Singapore. Sited on a 63,568 square metre land, LHT has a staff strength of 180 who are involved in the areas of administration, manufacturing and warehousing. The company has been awarded ISO 9002 certification on quality management system on manufacture, purchase and supply of wooden pallets, cases and crates, and Technical Woods. LHT was also awarded ISO 14001 certification on its environment management system that indicates its commitment towards environmental excellence. The Company was also awarded Singapore Sustainability 2012.


“LHT is recognised for its sustainable business model with two-pronged advantage. Not only is LHT able to offer new pallet types to its customers as a result of environmental pressures, technological advancements, and rising customer needs, the company’s business model is also a great example of a closed-loop process of sourcing, using and recycling materials such as wood or wood waste continually in the business system. This is only possible with its capabilities such as the zero waste management by using recycling wood waste materials as components into its revolutionary pallet making process. What is outstanding is the company’s ingenious policy of allowing employees the opportunities to potentially earn more as a result of the quicker processing time of its innovative process product conversion (IPPC) pallets or rather known as pest free pallets.”

“Commitment and determination, sheer hard work, R&D, trial & error are fundamental to our company’s success. Winning the SMF Business Model Award is a testament of our sound business model and its contribution to the industry value chain.”

Ms May Yap

Executive Director


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Rigel Technology (S) Pte Ltd

Since its incorporation in 1991, Rigel has consistently set the standard for eco-friendly bathroom solutions, forging groundbreaking innovations and employing the latest technology to help create a more sustainable future with efficient resource management. User-friendly features and modern design based on aesthetics, usability and comfort make it today’s premier choice for both residential and commercial developments. Set up in resourcescarce Singapore, Rigel’s unique combination of quality, dependability, resourcefulness and innovation have long made it a leader in the sanitary ware industry, where water savings contribute to the bottom line, as well as to good green practices.


“Rigel is recognised for its foresight and great execution in leveraging on the environmental movement, to produce Singapore’s pioneering green restroom technology for various industries. The company has demonstrated strong understanding of its strengths, and developed products and solutions for different customer segments and strategic partnerships to reap great benefits. It is interesting to note how Rigel changed its stakeholder and customer engagement approach to involve them in creating new value. ”

“As a green restroom specialist, Rigel has always embraced green innovation as part and parcel of our brand positioning. So winning the SMF Business Model Innovation Award serves as a firm recognition of our efforts in pushing the envelope, transforming ourselves and staying relevant to keep abreast of changes in the green economy. Indeed, innovation has always been a continuous driving force for everyone in Rigel and this honour that has been conferred to us will continue to propel us in the right direction as we work towards building a more sustainable landscape in synchrony with all our stakeholders.”

Mr Ng Eng Seng
Managing Director








Syspex Technologies Pte Ltd

What started off as a small packaging distribution company more than 20 years ago is now Southeast Asia’s leading business-to-business packaging and warehousing solutions provider. With its headquarters in Singapore, Syspex Technologies now has 8 facilities in the region and employs more than 200 staff. With its extensive knowledge and expertise in industrial packaging solutions, vast experience in various industries and team of dedicated individuals, Syspex is committed to working passionately in delivering value-driven customer solutions and to exceed the high demands of today’s industries and consumers.


“Syspex Technologies is recognised for its sound strategy of developing new growth engines, with a specific strategy to improve customer engagement and sales productivity. With its modern customer engagement concept, the company leads a radical change in the way how manufacturers support and customers are served in the competitive packaging and warehousing supplies industry. The company has also moved beyond the typical distributor model, providing holistic and value-driven packaging and warehousing solutions to improve customers’ efficiency and total supply chain costs. ”

“Syspex is proud to be a believer of Business Model Innovation. Since our humble beginnings 22 years ago, innovation has been evident in our daily business operations. Throughout the years, continuous innovation has allowed us to become one of the leading packaging distribution companies in South East Asia. We strongly believe that continuous Business Model Innovation is essential in today’s rapidly changing business environment. It is an exciting and rewarding journey that SMEs need to embark on to remain profitable and sustainable in the long run.”

Mr Roger See
Managing Director


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Asia Polyurethane Mfg Pte Ltd

Asia Polyurethane Manufacturing (APU), established in 1985, is the first fully equipped system house based in the ASEAN region to tailor Polyurethane systems to the needs of its customers. The Company has grown over the years, guided by the philosophy of providing excellent quality, service, fair and competitive pricing. In November 1995, APU became the first system house in Asia to be accredited with the ISO9001 certification. This standard has been maintained as a commitment of the company to provide quality products and services. To continue with this commitment, APU moved on to achieve accreditation to the ISO9001:2000 versions and many more.

“The Merit Award is an affirmation of our efforts in embarking on the innovative journey and an impetus to see us to the destination. The buoyancy in the industry constantly reminds APU of the need to stay vigilant and be ahead of our competitors not just in our business model, and products but also in maintaining relationships with employees, customers and business partners. We cannot always aim to do different things but we do constantly seek to do things differently.”

Mr Erman Tan
Chief Executive Officer


JOVAN register



Jovan Tech Pte Ltd

Founded in 1996 from an initial establishment of small tooling workshop providing precision machining services, Jovan Tech has grown to its current strength of 1200 workers in both Singapore and Batam, Indonesia. The company has since served the design and manufacturing needs of its clients, including Fortune 500 companies. The company’s automation engineers design and built innovative high speed semi auto and auto machinery that delivered repeatability, fast cycle time and unmatched reliability for various types of industry. Jovan’s contract manufacturing with its competitive operating advantages and highly skilled workforce provide customer a highly competitive cost manufacturing solution.

“I am very delighted to see that Jovan’s efforts in the SME manufacturing sectors are being recognised. Our industry has undergone tremendous changes in recent years. It is crucial for SME companies to accord high priority in transforming its operation and business models in order to continue providing solutions that address the increased needs in our service and in the most cost-effective way. Being the merit awardee for the SMF Business Model Innovation Award motivates us to further our service offering and the implementation of business model change. Both of which are critical to the business and technological opportunities of tomorrow.”

Mr Jerome Lee
Managing Director


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SC (Sang Choy) International Pte Ltd

SC International is one of the leading companies in the Asia Pacific region, specializing as a one-stop full-facility printing house. SC provides pre-press, press and postpress services, from creative design and precise colour separation to professional printing and worldwide delivery. Headquartered in Singapore with full production facilities, it also has offices in the United States, Europe and Hong Kong, as well as production bases in China. Specialising in colour printing, its products range from marketing collaterals (annual report, newsletter, magazines, corporate catalogue, folder), to coffee table books and children books.

“Innovation is most important to our business, especially in our printing industry, where many may perceive as sunset industry. However, we believe there is no sunset industry, only sunset management. At SC, we believe in innovation. Changing needs drive market demands, which in turn drive businesses. Therefore we will not stop innovating. We are appreciative of SMF’s encouragement through this Award, and though we have only won the Merit Award this year, we will never cease to innovate for success, to bring greater value to our customers and this industry.”

Mr Almond Ko
Director of Operations


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Serrano Holdings Pte Ltd

Incorporated in 1993, Serrano Holdings is the flagship company of the Serrano Group of companies which includes a furniture wholesale arm, a furniture retail arm as well as an interior design (ID) arm. Serrano Holdings provides a full suite of services from design, manufacturing to retail/delivery. The company is also developing an e-commerce portal which will allow customers to customise their designs before commissioning to the company for anufacturing.

“Being the Merit Award Winner for Business Model Innovation really means a lot to us. Serrano strives to continually innovate our processes and systems and develop our staff in order to remain relevant in this everchanging, challenging environment. We are especially pleased that the organisers (SMF) used such stringent criteria and evaluated us on three separate innovation categories – this adds credibility to the awards. We are very particular about the awards we apply for, which is probably why SPRING Singapore recommended the SMF to us. We are glad they did, and we are grateful to our staff for their support.”

Mr Sean O’Hara
General Manager







Sun City Maintenance Pte Ltd

From its humble beginnings in 1995, Sun City Maintenance has evolved to become one of the leading cleaning service providers in Singapore. The company places strong emphasis on employee and client loyalty through strengthening inhouse capabilities with the use of technology, training and employee engagement activities.

“We are greatly humbled and honoured to be receiving this award. We would like to offer my sincerest gratitude to the Singapore Manufacturing Federation for this honour. We did not make the journey here alone. Numerous people have supported me along the way. First, I would like to express my gratitude to my management and administration team who, through thick and thin, has worked relentlessly to approach challenges with the company’s interest at heart as first priority. All these cannot be achieved without the Operation Team who, as the backbone of our operations, has always vowed on delivering the Sun City branding through dedication, commitment and responsiveness. This award that has been presented to Sun City, I received it on their behalf with pride. Thank you.”

Mr Simon Swee
Managing Director


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TranZplus Engineering (S) Pte Ltd

Established in 2000, TranZplus Engineering is an advanced mechanical power transmission specialist, providing solutions and professional technical consultancy services for businesses in Singapore and the Asia-Pacific region. The company serves a broad spectrum of clients ranging from factory automation, oil, petrol and gas (OPG), pharmaceutical, R&D centres and electronics manufacturing.

“Innovation revolutionizes our company’s growth and customer relationships. We look forward to bringing our customers more value in future.”

Mr Nelson Lim
Chief Executive


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