SIPC Conference 2017 (25 Oct 2017)

Future of Manufacturing: Digital Transformation” continues the process of refining manufacturing and evolution into Industrial 4.0.  The new paradigm marks the rise of digital manufacturing where it compasses visualization, manufacturing simulation, ergonomic, human factor analyses and holistic view of product and process design, e.g. data analytics, 3D printing, etc.

The digitization of manufacturing impacts every aspect of operations and the supply chain. Attend this one-day event and hear from the experts how to manage your complex business process from product development to manufacturing. Learn how smart manufacturing technologies drive process improvements, reduce operational costs, and achieve greater efficiencies and productivity as well as creating new and disruptive business model.

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SIPC Conference 2016 (22 Sep 2016)

Singapore Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) faced the problem of declining productivity notwithstanding the huge amount of government assistance and effort expected by SME to boost productivity.

One of the primary reasons is that many of our SMEs need to address their business models. In addition, their productivity efforts also need to be innovation-led to create new value.


SME CAPABILITIES FORUM 2016 – Capabilities for Business Transformation (19 May 2016)

Faced with rising costs, increasing competition and the proliferation of disruptive technologies, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) are recognising the importance of building capabilities that can help them stay relevant, resilient and ready to capitalise opportunities for growth.

Specially designed for SMEs across various industries, the 2016 SME Capabilities Forum is a one-day conference where companies can learn about business capability areas that are crucial for sustained success in today’s volatile market, and be inspired by thought leaders and industry counterparts to take action in transforming their businesses.

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CEO Think Tank Series 2016 (17 Mar 2016)

Think Tank Series 17 March 2016

SMF – BMI Centre Launch (17 Mar 2016)

SMEs need to collaborate with one another and form clusters to promote BMI at the sectorial level. With the manufacturing industry undergoing transformation, SMEs need to focus on creating value. SMF-BMI Centre will serve as the one-stop solution provider, to help SMEs bridge the gap.

SMF-BMI Centre Launch Photo1 SMF-BMI Centre Launch Photo 2

DBS SME Talks   (15 Mar 2016)

DBS SME Talks 2016

Launching Business Model Innovation Masterclass (2015)

In this day of disruptive business models and constantly evolving technologies, businesses are fast finding it a challenge to compete on cost alone. SMEs, in particular, playing the role of middlemen and traders are being sidelined in place of such emerging trends. To top that off, rising costs, a manpower crunch, and global economic slowdown have left many companies grappling to stay afloat in such conditions. Finding a strong need to get out of this fix were some six companies, who embarked on a business model reworking journey with SMF on 19 November 2015.

CEO Think Tank 2015 (25 Sep 2015)

BMI Research / Benchmark Findings

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SMF and JPC Step up Strategic Partnership to Lift Productivity in Firms (2014)

Amid Singapore’s economic restructuring, firms are grappling with challenges to lift productivity and upgrade their capabilities. With the vision to help such companies achieve productivity gains, Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute (SiPi), a Centre of Excellence under Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 30 October 2014 with the Japan Productivity Centre (JPC).

Singapore Innovation and Productivity Conference 2014

The theme of SIPC 2014, held at the Suntec City Convention Centre, was “Transform to Perform”, which underscored the call-to-action for companies to embrace continuous innovation and raise productivity to enhance their competitiveness. The participants heard from more than eight speakers including top-notch industrialists, chief executives, academicians and researchers.

The conference participants also heard the success stories of two of the SMF Business Model Innovation Award-winning companies. Mr Alan Chua, Executive Director of Concorde Security Pte Ltd, and Mr Masoud Bassiri of Consistel Pte Ltd, each presented their company’s award-winning story at the conference.

SMF Business Model Innovation Award 2014

Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute (SiPi) and Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) organised the “SMF Business Model Innovation Award” – the first Award in Singapore to recognise outstanding companies that have achieved success in transforming their business models.

Innovation Challenge Trophy 2014

In recent years, there has been a greater push for innovation in Singapore. From ‘innovation clubs’ in secondary schools to courses on innovation in universities, there is indeed a healthy trend of students being more open to innovation enterprises.

To aid Singapore in becoming an innovation nation, Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute (SiPi), a Centre of Excellence under Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), organised the first ever Innovation Challenge Trophy for tertiary students. The activity saw the participation of all five polytechnics and a total of nine student teams.

Think-Tank Dialogue 2014

Over 50 participants representing various companies and SMEs across Singapore participated in the Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute (SiPi) Think Tank Open Dialogue Session, with presentations from Mr Lam Joon Khoi, Secretary-General of Singapore Manufacturing Federation and Dr Michael Teng, Assistant Secretary-General of Singapore Manufacturing Federation.

Dr Michael Teng shared how SMEs can overcome their larger competitors by comparing it with the story of how David overcame Goliath the Giant. This enlightening and witty presentation was accompanied with an enjoyable performance, acted out by Dr Michael Teng himself. Dr Michael Teng explained that “Productivity is a given necessity in companies and in business. In order to remain competitive, one will need more than just productivity, and that is innovation.” The participants then went into individual table discussions to discuss in further detail on 4 specific topics: Corporate culture and leadership, Family business vs. Professional management, External environment and factors, and Strategy development.

Business Model Design and Innovation Workshop by Prof. Yves Pigneur

With Business Model Innovation (BMI) being a topic of increasing interest in the business community, Singapore Innovation and Productivity Institute (SiPi) organised a 1-day workshop to promote awareness and understanding of BMI amongst SMEs. Through interactive, hands-on activities, a total of 27 participants learnt to use the Business Model Canvas for designing, assessing and challenging traditional business models. The workshop was conducted by Dr Yves Pigneur, who is the author of the international bestseller ‘Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers’.

Singapore Innovation and Productivity Conference 2013

The Singapore Innovation & Productivity Conference 2013, held on 25 October 2013 at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, attracted more than 350 participants from the manufacturing sector and wider business community. Themed “Business Model Innovation: Redefining Possibilities”, the conference highlighted how Business Model Innovation can transform companies to capture and deliver value to customers.