BMI MasterClass

With the changing trends in technology adoption and consumer behaviour, businesses need a rapid influx of ideas on how to reach their new, innovative customers. At times, businesses are required to lead the innovation change. As such, CEOs may wish to learn the business models and best practices across industries, to present refreshing, yet familiar business concepts and customer engagement approach.

This master class is designed for the C’ level executives of SMEs and comprises of both strategy planning and implementation plan for business model transformation.

Objectives of MasterClass Outcomes:

  1. To equip participants with the understanding of various business models and the possibilities of business model changes for their companies
  2. To empower participants with the tools (and skills) to redesign their business models
  3. To assist SMEs in planning for a successful implementation of business model innovation

Outcomes of the MasterClass:

The outcomes of this master class are targeted at two tiers of the company, namely:
  • Top tier leadership – The CEO is able to shift its mind-set to look towards strategies for business model success or business transformation
  • Staff alignment –
    • Key managers of different functions are steered towards a new approach of thinking and openness in directing changes
    • Organisational development change to embrace and execute innovation